“Return to Riis, Get Summered ’16”

Monday, July 4th: Get Summered returns to Riis on America's birthday! Presented by Red Jacket Orchards/Brokelyn, Get Summered aims to make this year's festivities a day to remember. There will be a complete skateboard deck giveaway from from OJ wheels, awesome boardwalk games, food & drink, and live performances by The House on the Cliff and Raycee Jones. And as always, the DJs of Get Summered will be keeping the city to beach vibes heavy. Music starts at noon and goes until 8pm, or until the last firework. Make sure to get a seat on Rocakway beach bus so you can arrive in style! Reserve your tickets for the bus here: http://www.rockawaybeachbus.com/

Flyer design by SUMRFO UDIRTY.